Total Access Physicians

The Total Access Physicians Story

Total Access Physicians was conceived with the idea that your important healthcare decisions should be made by you, in consultation with your Physician, not by your insurance company and whatever provider you happened to be able to see that day. With that in mind we decided that we would not participate in insurance plans, but instead contract directly with our patients for a yearly fee that did not involve their insurer. For that fee you would get just what our name implies, Total Access to your physician...including his/her cell phone number and email address...and appointments to fit your schedule and busy lifestyle. Total Access patients get appointments in a timely manner (same day or next day if needed), extended time with the physician, and do not wait for long periods of time in the waiting room. We know that your time is important and you don't want to waste it waiting weeks for an appointment, sitting in a waiting room for hours, and then only getting a few minutes of your doctors time.

Today we still offer our Total Access plan to those who want it, but unfortunately, insurance companies have become so embedded in our lives that many people did not want to pay an extra fee for the access and personal one on one care that we offer with Total Access. Therefore, for those individuals who are satisfied with the traditional insurance model of care, in early 2014 Total Access Physicians started accepting and billing Medicare, Medicaid and all major insurances. Those who choose this model will still receive the same competent and compassionate medical care as Total Access patients, but due to the payment amount that insurance companies feel your health is worth, we are unable to provide the same level of access and personal attention that our Total Access patients enjoy.

Our Total Access model will still be available for a separate fee for patients who wish to use their insurance but also want access to the same level of personal service, flexibility of scheduling and availability offered to the Total Access patient.